8 Offline Side Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly

When it comes to earning money on the side, I’m biased. I believe everyone should have some kind of side business idea that’ll earn extra money. It’s finding people who need your idea where most of us run into a wall.

Launching a business and marketing it from the ground up won’t lead to quick money in most cases. So, here are a few offline side business ideas you can start without too much marketing.


1. Tax Assistance

It can be insanely lucrative to offer tax help during tax season. You may think no one needs your help at first because there’s online tax software. The thing is when you have a skill a weird voice in your head makes you assume everyone else has the same set of unique skills. (See the Liam Neeson reference there?)

Not true. People with more complex tax situations are dying to pass their tax issues over to someone with more expertise. Last year, I hired a tax advisor for the first time to handle my sole proprietor tax return. It was worth the investment.

Put out some feelers on social media or send an email to family and friends. You could charge $100 per paper filing if you prefer not to spend your time behind the computer filing electronically.

That’s not bad for maybe an hour or two of work.

2. Tutoring

Pass the GMAT, LSATs, or any other intense exam that people need help with? Sweet. Offer tutoring with a price point that’s just a tad less than other tutoring options.

You can also offer basic tutoring for children and teens. Start at home. Offer it to people you know. You could also put an ad up on Craigslist to see if you get feedback.

3. Coaching or Training

Not in the business or life coaching sense. I’m talking sports or athletics. If you have talent in something like basketball, weight training or another more obscure talent like ping pong, there are people who want to learn how to do it.

This is a hustle I wish I could do, but I have no real physical talent (bummer). If you’re gifted athletically you probably have a ready-made group of clients to pitch your services. By default, you hang out with other people who do what you do. Maybe you’re in a summer league, you play pick up or frequent the gym.

There’s bound to be people asking you for advice on how to play better or bulk up. Case in point, my husband landed his first ever one-on-one coaching gig with a kid from a parent he played pick-up soccer with. Opportunities are calling!

4. Senior Care

Another service in high demand and I know from experience. Recently, my grandmother moved in with my parents. At first, they didn’t have a helper and assisting her was challenging. They were ecstatic to bring someone on for assistance. This is a job that requires certification. But, doing simple tasks like keeping a senior’s company for a few hours a day you can do without having to take that extra step.

5. Photography

I’m actually looking for a professional photographer right now, so I know there’s a public need for this. For a side hustle, you may not want to dive right into wedding photography.

Even though it pays more it’s also a more involved gig. Head shots, on the other hand, can take you maybe an hour to do, some editing, and you can get paid well.

For marketing again, start close to home with people you know. And through word of mouth you can get more jobs.

6. AirBnB

Extrovert? Try AirBnB. List space your home to travelers and get paid for it. AirBnB makes it easy to market your space. You can market anything from a couch to a luxury home. The site is cautious with your personal information, so your details won’t be put blast on the website. There’s also 24/7 customer service or guests and hosts.

7. Dog Walking & Petsitting

People treat their pets like humans, including me 🙂 . If you live in a neighborhood or complex you’re sure to earn big with this hustle. I dabbled in pet walking before. It was less than convenient (or lucrative) because my walks were spread out and I had to drive to them.

Womp, womp. Now, since I live in a pet-friendly apartment community there are tons of families that can benefit from a walk during the day. If you’re in a similar area with a lot of pets, you can make money fairly quickly. Tell your neighbors who have pets you’re available during the day (if you’re free that is) or if they go on vacation.

8. Nannying

If you’re great with kids this is a fantastic hustle. I’ve had friends in the past get into nannying and the pay is good. Again, to be a legitimate nanny or babysitter, you should go through certifications course on child safety and CPR. But, once you get over that hump you can bring in a good amount of income on the side.

According to, the pay for a babysitter per hour is $13. Of course, you can charge more. Babysitting for a couple of hours each week is nice money for your pocket and likely cheaper for a parent then going with an after school program.

What Are Your Offline Side Business Ideas?

When I think side business ideas, I automatically think online hustles. But, there are side hustles that we can take offline and make money from so we’re not sitting behind a computer all day.

Do you have any offline side hustle ideas not covered? Share them below!

and… P.S.

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  1. Reply Amber February 16, 2016 at 9:25 am

    these are all great ideas! Also, some of these are definitely overlooked (tax assistance is always needed IMO!)

    • Reply Taylor February 16, 2016 at 11:31 am

      Thanks, Amber. I would sooo offer tax advice if I could!

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