How to Deal With the “WTF Am I Doing” Feeling in Business

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I’ve gotten a lot of really awesome feedback on the post I did about overcoming fears.

And it makes me happy inside.

This is a topic I can speak about AT LENGTH because, a.) I know how it is to be fearful more than anyone I know and, b.) I’m obsessed with writing things that people can identify with.

So I’m back with a relevant topic – uncertainty.

It’s a feeling that creeps up on you at the weirdest times.


When you’re half asleep. Or while you’re watching Steph Curry smash three-point shots against OKC (me this Memorial Day weekend). Or right before you launch a new idea.

The feeling when your stomach does a flip, your heart starts racing and you realize you have no idea WTF you’re doing.

You rationalize that everything you’ve done, created, had published or sold thus far is a fluke. And you’re not sure if the newest idea you’ve come up with is gold or fool’s gold.

Here’s what I’ve started doing when this feeling takes hold…

Dig Into the Past

Entrepreneurship/small business is a never ending path. There’s no final destination.

You may have an ideal final destination, but when you get there you’re going to want more. I finally came to this realization with the help of my coach because I never felt satisfied.

When you’re always on the move working towards that next thing, it’s difficult to appreciate how far you’ve come. And to acknowledge that you survived the “WTF am I doing?” feeling before.

So, now I keep my old day planners as a reminder.

Not on purpose, mind you. I’m just a pack-rat. During my move to Atlanta from D.C. I rediscovered my old planners and looked back on everything I planned to do throughout the years and it brought back a ton of memories.

How excited I was when I landed new projects. How inspired I was to finally pay off my student loan. How nervous I was connecting with people that I now have a great rapport with.

I happened to push through a lot of the crap I was uncertain of in the past.

When you’re feeling confused about your mission, give the journey up to this point some serious reflection.

Whether it’s by reading old planners, old emails or old tasks from your project management software. Soak in what you’ve achieved thus far and reflect on where you hoped those accomplishments would lead you.

Phone a Friend Outside of Your Industry

I believe it’s uber important to get close to a group of people who do the same thing you do. You can bounce ideas off each other and grow your network this way.

But, it’s also uber important to step outside of the bubble especially in the online business world to gain another perspective from someone who knows you well.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re bombarded with all of this information online that we forget there’s an entire world of people on the outside that don’t know it exists.

This information can blur your unique vision. I know it has a tendency to blur mine.

I can trust my good friend outside of the madness to give me perspective on what ideas will and won’t work for me based on my own strengths and weaknesses.

I look to her for a logical, brutally honest, outsider opinion to help me answer the “WTF am I doing and why?” question.

Find a pal who’s not influenced by other blog posts, webinars, or emails on business.

An unbiased opinion is golden.

Shut Off the Noise Altogether

Last point before I wrap up.

Considering far too many directions for your business at once can cause the gears percolating in your brain to freeze up. I’m talking serious mayday, mayday, system failure.

Press pause.

Take a break from social media. Leave some of the Facebook groups you’re in. Unsubscribe from emails. And catch yourself before getting lost in cyberspace.

Yes, that means if I’m getting too noisy for you, shut me out. No shame in that.

We all need to sit alone in our own thoughts every once in a while to identify what it is we really want and how to measure our own success.

Completely uninterrupted introspection is very necessary to answer the “what you’re doing” and “why you’re doing it” questions.

Give yourself some alone time my friend.

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