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#YourFirstHustleDollar: Chonce of My Debt Epiphany…

Another #myfirsthustledollar series post my friends. In this series, I ask peeps how they made their first independent dollar because often the first one is the hardest. Our mission here is to demystify the whole thing. This week, we have superstar blogger Chonce Maddox of My Debt Epiphany. She’s a freelance writer that was able to jump her income from $0 to $3,000. And she’s dishing all of her secrets! Take it away Chonce!  


How to Write Blog Posts That Get You Noticed & Hir…

I love talking about money, but I also love talking about the art of writing blog posts and how much I’ve learned the last two years doing it for income. I wrote about random celebrity antics in my first paid post. How’s that for compelling content? Regardless of the topic, I was scared. Would my writing be good enough? Did I catch all of the errors? Is this person going to pay me? Guessing and


How to Deal With the “WTF Am I Doing” Feeling in B…

I’ve gotten a lot of really awesome feedback on the post I did about overcoming fears. And it makes me happy inside. This is a topic I can speak about AT LENGTH because, a.) I know how it is to be fearful more than anyone I know and, b.) I’m obsessed with writing things that people can identify with. So I’m back with a relevant topic – uncertainty. It’s a feeling that creeps up on you


How to Rebrand Your WordPress Blog in Record Time …

Blogs go through many changes. Take my site for example. My blog has changed so much before I arrived at a brand that feels right that I broke down each stage into eras. Seriously, you can check out each era here. If you’re heading into a DIY blog revamp/rebrand in the near future, I know the project can take a lot longer than expected if you’re not organized. I’m not a web designer by trade, but I


The Evolution of My Blog + Lessons Learned

In case you missed it, things are looking a little different around here again 🙂 . Different in a good way. At the end of March, I set out to create a cohesive platform that felt like “me” to fit with my new brand name. Now, I’ll be the first to admit. I’ve been through a million blog transformations. (If you want to start a blog, mosey on over to my tutorial.) Many times I’ve


How to Overcome Fear to Grow Your Freelance Business

It’s time to talk about fear today, guys. The crippling fear of rejection that holds you back from pitching high paying clients and requesting more money for your work. So to start, I’ll just put it out there: I have anxiety. By anxiety, I mean the “real” kind of anxiety. Not the one where your palms occasionally sweat before a major presentation or job interview. I’m talking about the one where you worry so much