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How to Write Blog Posts That Get You Noticed & Hir…

I love talking about money, but I also love talking about the art of writing blog posts and how much I’ve learned the last two years doing it for income. I wrote about random celebrity antics in my first paid post. How’s that for compelling content? Regardless of the topic, I was scared. Would my writing be good enough? Did I catch all of the errors? Is this person going to pay me? Guessing and


How to Deal With the “WTF Am I Doing” Feeling in B…

I’ve gotten a lot of really awesome feedback on the post I did about overcoming fears. And it makes me happy inside. This is a topic I can speak about AT LENGTH because, a.) I know how it is to be fearful more than anyone I know and, b.) I’m obsessed with writing things that people can identify with. So I’m back with a relevant topic – uncertainty. It’s a feeling that creeps up on you


#YourFirstHustleDollar Series: Whitney of Brown Bo…

Damn, Taylor. Back at it again with the #YourFirstHustleDollars Series, Taylor. Today we’re doing something a little different. For the last three interviews of this series we talked money. In this one I want to view earning money from a different perspective… From the perspective of growing your platform before transitioning into a business. Particularly with a niche site that covers a unique topic. (If you need a little help starting your blog platform, check out this


A Shortcut to Getting Unstuck, Gaining Clarity and…

“I gotta keep it super real wit ya, shooorrtttaaay.” It seems every time I sit down to write a post a song lyric pops into my head that relates to what I want to dig into. This one compliments of PartyNextDoor. 🙂 Before I jump into a little back story: This is a post that’s been a few months in the making and I reached a point of clarity where I can finally get across


How to Work on Your Creative Business (When You Fe…

OK. Keeping it 100 here. Biz owners don’t like to admit it (at least I don’t), but it’s a fact. We’re not always on our A game. Sometimes… We don’t feel like sending another email. Or writing another blog post. Or pitching a new client. Or scheduling social media posts. Or working on that super cool e-workbook that a bunch of people are excited about. <- this is all me, for real. It’s easy to get


8 Offline Side Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly

When it comes to earning money on the side, I’m biased. I believe everyone should have some kind of side business idea that’ll earn extra money. It’s finding people who need your idea where most of us run into a wall. Launching a business and marketing it from the ground up won’t lead to quick money in most cases. So, here are a few offline side business ideas you can start without too much marketing.