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How to Overcome Fear to Grow Your Freelance Business

It’s time to talk about fear today, guys. The crippling fear of rejection that holds you back from pitching high paying clients and requesting more money for your work. So to start, I’ll just put it out there: I have anxiety. By anxiety, I mean the “real” kind of anxiety. Not the one where your palms occasionally sweat before a major presentation or job interview. I’m talking about the one where you worry so much


4 Money Tips to Help You Earn More from Your Hustle

Two weeks ago, I launched an email series dishing on my tips for every facet of using your blog to market your side hustle. It got an amazing response. Then life happened. Deadlines happened. And I didn’t get a chance to give you, the readers, the type of sneak peek I wanted to of the series. So, I’ll give you the scoop here. In the series, I unloaded everything I’ve learned in the last year


Switch It Change It: How I Quadrupled My Freelance…

Hi friends, Happy Friday! A few weeks ago, I shared how I pitched for my first freelance writing gig ever. We can all agree it was pretty sad – womp, womp. Since then, I’ve leveled up and charge much more per project. Well, I want to expand on that and share some extra details on the major factors that helped me increase my rates. Here’s the thing. Anyone can do it, but it does take work


How I Made My First Dollar Online Freelance Blogging

OK, I’m an average gal. Until the end of 2013, I believed the only way to earn money was through a 9 to 5 job. At the time, I had already tried a few solopreneur ventures, but nothing seemed to stick or bring in any cash. To be blatantly honest, each idea failed. Sadly, I became convinced the only real way to make money was to fill out a job application, attend an interview, turn


5 Warning Signs of Bad Clients & How to Avoid Them

Let’s be honest here. Good clients and customers are hard to find especially when you’re a new biz owner. People will take advantage of you. Pay you less than you’re worth. And drive you insane. Then when all’s said and done they’ll disappear off the face of the earth without paying you. Well I’ve put together a bunch of bad client warning signs. Many of you have reached out to me with exciting plans to


One of My Favorite Places to Hunt for Freelance Cl…

As you know I’ve been on a quest to streamline my client list with the help of my online biz coach, Carrie at Careful Cents (hey girl, heyyy 😉 ). During the process I’ve weeded out jobs that don’t pay very well or I don’t enjoy doing. I still have room for a few new clients which I’m actually excited about. As I start to connect with new prospects, I finally feel comfortable negotiating terms that benefit me.