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Suck It Up, Stop Being Cheap and Invest In Yourself

Are you sick and tired of repeating the same cycles with your finances and career? You plan to save more money, but you never do. You plan to get a better job, but it never pans out. You plan to start a business, but it never happens. Tons of people just like you are wondering why they can’t get from Point A to Point B. I’m even one of them.  I come from the school of


Lessons From the Anarchist Introvert Heroine of Gi…

So, I’ve been reading ‘ze book GIRLBOSS! And because I believe in FULL DISCLOSURE, I’ll admit to you I haven’t yet read the entire book. (I bought it on Kindle Reader and there’s something weird about Kindle reading that causes me to never finish a book… but either way that’s neither here nor there.) Since I’m very close to finishing, I really want to share with you some key takeaways I’ve gotten so far from the book.


See How This Small Biz Owner Ditched Distraction t…

Hi friends! I’m happy to host an amazing guest post from my cousin Leslie. She’s a stay at home mom who started her own photography business and hit some productivity road blocks in the beginning. She ditched a few unnecessary distractions and now she’s on a roll. Take it away Leslie! When asked to do a guest post about why I’ve stepped away from Facebook & given up TV, my first thought was a big


Why Giving Your Past Self Advice is Useless

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do posts on advice for their past self. I figured what the hell why don’t I post one.   After all, I have a lot of knowledge today about hustling for more money now that I didn’t know in the past. It would have saved me a bunch of trial and error if my “ghost of side hustling Taylor yet to come” spilled the beans on this stuff from the


On Quitting, Being a Follower, and Living Free.

Ok, I’ve finally done it. Something most people think is unconventional, irresponsible, and a guaranteed epic fail. I quit my job without a “big girl” job lined up to go solopreneur. It’s a terrifying, invigorating, and exciting prospect. Quitting didn’t come without a lot of second guessing, planning, and saving. But it’s something that I’ve always dreamed of and why not give it a shot in my mid twenties? I’ll probably be doing more work