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How to Use a Buddy Pass for Travel Savings

Hey, friends! I’m back in action. I was away for a hot minute while preparing to attend the #FinCon16 conference in San Diego. FinCon is a huge financial conference that happens every year where money nerds get together to talk about media. Since the conference, I’ve been scheming and plotting about what I want to do with this blog and how I can best serve you. But, that’s not why you’re here. Let’s get into


Save Money With At-Home Fitness

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I’m obsessed these days with staying in shape and doing so on a budget. I’m always on the hunt for at-home workout routines and since May I have lost just shy of 20 pounds without a gym membership. Crazy right! In four months, I’ve lost more weight than I’ve been able to lose in 3 whole years. One of the at-home plans that’s helped me transition


How to Protect Your Money from Shady Online Scammers

Hey, friends! Back with another .gif because, you know, I live for them. And this one fits perfectly with our talk on scammers. If you don’t know who the gorgeous gal above is (lol) it’s Joanne the Scammer and part of the inspiration behind this post. (The other inspiration is me actually almost getting scammed, more on that later.) Joanne the Scammer is a parody character played by a guy named Branden. She funds an


107 Productive Things to Do Instead of Spending Mo…

Bigger, better, and badder than ever before. Okay, let me not get ahead of myself. A few years ago, I put together a monster list of things you can do instead of watching TV to be productive, and it was one of my most popular posts. Well, like all things, it was time for some reorganization. I thought what better way to improve the list than to include things that are relevant to making and


How to Lose 20 Pounds in Four Months on a Budget

At the end of May I decided it was time to make a change. I’ve been meaning to get back into shape and putting it off. I tried some small tactics here and there mostly to make myself feel better about “trying”. I got an expensive membership to a gym one year. The weight didn’t budge. I tried to eat better intermittently. By eat better I mean 90% cheat meals and 10% healthy meals. Again,


Why It Makes Sense To Refinance Student Loans

This is a sponsored post from Drew of the Student Loan Report. Enjoy! Many college students need to borrow money to pay for college from both the government and private lenders.  If you have borrowed from multiple lenders, the due dates for each loan repayment can become blurry or the payments might be too much for your current salary.  If you can relate to this scene or simply want to lower your monthly payments, refinancing