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How to Make Your First Dollar as a Freelance Photo…

And we’re back! This month for the First Hustle Dollar Series, we’re taking it to video. Can I get a hand clap? If you’re new to this series, each month I interview a side (or full-time) business owner, and we discuss how they made their very first dollar within an industry. Through these interviews, I hope to give you access to 100% transparent commentary on what it takes to earn you first dollar doing something


#YourFirstHustleDollar: Chonce of My Debt Epiphany…

Another #myfirsthustledollar series post my friends. In this series, I ask peeps how they made their first independent dollar because often the first one is the hardest. Our mission here is to demystify the whole thing. This week, we have superstar blogger Chonce Maddox of My Debt Epiphany. She’s a freelance writer that was able to jump her income from $0 to $3,000. And she’s dishing all of her secrets! Take it away Chonce!  


#YourFirstHustleDollar Series: Whitney of Brown Bo…

Damn, Taylor. Back at it again with the #YourFirstHustleDollars Series, Taylor. Today we’re doing something a little different. For the last three interviews of this series we talked money. In this one I want to view earning money from a different perspective… From the perspective of growing your platform before transitioning into a business. Particularly with a niche site that covers a unique topic. (If you need a little help starting your blog platform, check out this


#YourFirstHustleDollar Series: Jason Butler of The…

Hey there, peeps! Back at it. As Lil’ Wayne would say, “Sorry for the wait.”  In January, I had the opportunity to go to a member event hosted by SoFi, a pretty SWEET financing company. I learned of SoFi first because of their student loan refinance product. They offer the most competitive rates around town to refinance your mountain of student loans and they have boss customer service. Besides student loan refinancing, they now provide


#YourFirstHustleDollar Series: LaTisha Styles, Mil…

Hi friends! Welcome to the first interview in the series #YourFirstHustleDollar. I’m pumped about this! I’m sharing with you the inside scoop on how some amazing entrepreneurs made their first dollar hustling outside of the 9 to 5. Why’s this series important? Everyone can benefit from another source of income. Mo’ money in your pocket means you can reach goals, like saving, repaying debt, buying a house or traveling, sooner. What holds people back from