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Since you’re new around these parts, I’ll let you in on some quick history because I’ve been blogging for a while ya’ll.

Below I put together a quick guide of my favorite tools for saving and making more money.

For an extra bonus, I compiled some of the most popular posts so far on the blog.

Tools to Save Mo’ Money

Digit – My very favorite way to save right now is with the Digit app. It’s a free automation app that takes small amounts of money from your checking account that you don’t need and puts it into another account for your savings. In July, I started with just a few dollars in my account. Now, I have over $200 saved! Seriously, the small amounts accumulate quickly. You can check out my full review of the app here.

Ebates – I’m new to Ebates, but still loving the savings that I’ve begun to see from them so far. Ebates is a cash back rewards site that rewards you for spending online at participating stores. There are thousands of merchants that participate in Ebates from Groupon to BlueHost and Walmart. Download the Ebates browser button and whenever you browse online for products you’ll be alerted to a deal. Best of all it’s FREE. So, really there’s nothing to lose. You can sign up for Ebates here.

Capital One 360 – I love this online bank. I opened an account for business, and I’m seriously considering transferring my personal accounts here, too. My husband and I currently bank with Wells Fargo and Bank of American and both are kicking us in the butt with fees. An online checking account at Capital One 360 has no fees (great way to save) and offers higher interest than a brick-and-mortar bank because it has FAR fewer overhead costs. Creating an account takes minutes. Your free card comes in the mail within a week and managing your money online is ridiculously convenient. For withdrawals, you can visit one of the thousands of ATMs in-network. If you click here to sign up with Capital One 360, you’ll get a $25 bonus.


Tools to Make Mo’ Money

BlueHost – A blog is the way I’ve been able to promote my business, network, and make friends online. But, I’ll be honest. Money isn’t the only good thing about blogging. Blogging is a fantastic creative outlet where you can touch people across the globe. And you don’t need to be an expert to start one. If you’re interested in starting a blog, I have a tutorial on it here.

Freshbooks – When I started using Freshbooks, it completely revolutionized my billing process. With Freshbooks, you can create invoices, manage your receivables, track your expenses, and more.

Not gonna lie, first tax season as a self-employed worker was kinda insane. Having this software to report all income and expenses is a complete Godsend. Another bonus of Freshbooks is that you can receive payments through PayPal for a flat $0.50 rather than the extra percentage that PayPal tacks on. Hallelujah for saving money. Freshbooks offer 1-month free so you can give it a test drive here.


Ok, now that you’ve got an eye-full of my favorite tools to save and make more money, here are some of the must-see posts from the blog:

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