Breaking into Freelance Writing


Update: I’ve stopped writing regularly on this blog about freelance writing which is the passion that inspired me to get my money in order. I wanted to save enough and pay off enough debt to be a full-time writer. Recently, I’ve started talking less about freelancing and more about using money as a key to open the door to whatever your passion may be. For aspiring writers, I kept his page up just in case you’re interested in learning how I started and grew a freelance biz. 


Are you looking for a source of income you can take anywhere… for instance internationally?

Do you want to get paid to write part-time, or even full-time?

I put all of the moves you need to make to start freelance writing online into this Breaking into Freelance Writing ebook.

Get excited, my friend.

The good news is all you need to earn money from writing is a willingness to learn, a computer, and a reliable internet connection.

Even better news for my current blogger friends out there, if you’re having trouble earning income directly from your newer site (i.e. through ads, affiliate sales, etc.) offering a service like writing is one way to bring in income until you’re able to see real money from your blog.

Why buy this book?

The information in this book is what I learned as a freelance writer the hard way, through trial and error.

Trust me, trial and error can suck.

So, I’m giving you the cheat codes. (Rosebud, anyone, anyone?)

I used the framework from this book to land my very first writing gigs that paid $12.50 to $30.

Then, I continued using the framework to land individual writing assignments that pay $300 and major projects that pay over $1k.

An even bigger “why”

This ebook is affordable.

You’ll get action steps without spending an arm and a leg.

In this 30-page ebook guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a profitable writing specialty that will earn you money
  • How to get pitches accepted
  • How to land your first few clients
  • How to set your prices
  • How to level up your business

Get your hands on the book!

Grab the book for $7.99

Who’s this book for?

1. Beginners – This book is for bloggers and aspiring writers who have considered venturing into the world of writing online, but don’t know where to start.

2. People with some blog knowledge – This book will reference blogging a bunch, but won’t teach you the ABC’s of starting a blog. (Although, I can teach you how to do that for free here and here.)

You don’t need to have a blog already to benefit from this book. However, you do need to have a basic understanding of what a blog is and be willing to start one.

Current bloggers will likely be able to hit the ground running with the action steps faster than those who don’t already have a blog.

3. Hustlers – Earning money from writing isn’t a breeze or get rich quick scheme. It can open the door to a bunch of awesomeness, but you do need to work hard to have opportunities come your way.


Who the heck am I?

taylorkgordon3Great question.

If you’re new to me and my site, here’s the scoopy scoop:

I’m an online freelance writer.

I’ve been contributing articles to various websites (such as The Huffington Post, MagnifyMoney, GoGirl Finance, MadameNoire, and The Write Life) and writing content for business owners full-time for the last two years.

Working from home as a writer has given me the independence to create my own schedule and take my business on the road.

The knowledge that I’ve learned so far is what I want to share with you!

Okay, enough of my talkin’.

Here’s what other people are saying:


“Taylor is a seasoned veteran blogger and freelancer who knows her stuff! This book gives you the exact play-by-play necessary for you to take action, build your freelancing career, and earn money. Taylor debunks some of the toughest obstacles new freelancers face like knowing where to search for jobs, what factors to base rates on, and how to promote your best work to build your network. Definitely a must read.” Chonce Maddox of My Debt Epiphany

 Get your hands on the book for $7.99!

I understand what it’s like to not have enough cash to invest in a bootstrapped business.

So, I set the price for this book as “pay what you can give” starting at $7.99. If you put the points covered in this book into practice and hustle hard, you will be able to earn your money back plus more.

Grab the book for $7.99