Lessons From the Anarchist Introvert Heroine of GirlBoss

So, I’ve been reading ‘ze book GIRLBOSS!

And because I believe in FULL DISCLOSURE, I’ll admit to you I haven’t yet read the entire book. (I bought it on Kindle Reader and there’s something weird about Kindle reading that causes me to never finish a book… but either way that’s neither here nor there.)

Since I’m very close to finishing, I really want to share with you some key takeaways I’ve gotten so far from the book. To be honest, much of her story has resonated with me more than a lot of the books, e-books, and blogs I’ve read recently.

So I’m a little giddy to share what I’ve learned.

A little background:

#GirlBoss was written by Sophia Amoruso the creator of Nasty Gal. If you’re not familiar with Nasty Gal, it’s a super trendy online store with a mix of modern and vintage inspired clothes – her business is worth millions.

Before reading this book or knowing who Sophia Amoruso is I had been to the website a few times. It’s a site I had assumed some big company with a large budget created.

And that’s not the case. Not by a long shot.

Sophia started Nasty Gal on eBay while working university security, a job she had taken in order to get health insurance to fix a hernia.

On her original eBay page she sold vintage pieces that she handpicked from thrift stores. Prior to her stint as a university ID checker she was an anti-government hitchhiking thief who couldn’t hold a steady job.

Which in a way feels like my life story.

Albeit far more extreme. Entrepreneurs and corporate boss chicks alike will find useful advice in #GirlBoss. So, here are 3 major points from the book that have me rethinking my entire professional thought process.


1. Easy is for Dummies

And I’ve been a dummy in some career aspects. Have you ever been a dummy?

Before starting the NastyGal eBay store, Sophia took easy dumb dumb jobs on purpose because she wasn’t interested in working hard. Of course since she was anti-“The Man” she felt like the system was stacked towards some people and not to others.

So what was the point of hard work anyway?

But she found that those jobs are also less fulfilling unless you find creative outlets. There has to be a happy medium between pleasing “The Man” and living life on your own terms.

No matter how much advice we receive on being your own boss and making money outside of the “system”, there’s one thing that’ll never change:

We’ll have to accept some form of politics to make our larger dreams come true.

That’s just the way it is. And that’s made clear in Sophia’s transition from anarchist to eBay business owner and finally creative director of a growing international brand.

2. Now is Never

Sophia talks in the book about managing people and hiring. And her honest words were a nice slap in the face that sent me back to earth. She talks about spring chickens (a.k.a people early in their career) who only have a few internships under their belt that expect a pat on the back and a high powered job once they graduate with automatic raises.

Yet again, that’s not how it works.

She mentions that work experience with detailed results is more impressing than arbitrary internships when she seeks to hire. And that nothing in life happens right away. It didn’t happen for her while she built the business or will it happen for us seeking to climb the ladder. We must all start at the bottom and pay our dues.

That hits home for me. Sometimes I wish top sites would just publish me my writing NOW, NOW, NOW. But we must all have patience my friends. No matter how impatient we are.

3. Stuff Goes Wrong

I wanted to use harsher language with that sub-head, but took the PG route. Sophia makes it clear that the road to success is hardly flawless. That’s something we can easily forget during the journey.

I mean, how many articles talk about the problems successful people face? Hardly any.

It’s always headlines like – High School Student Made Millions Picking Stocks (which ironically ended up being a complete lie). Stories are far more sexy when they’re about being on the top.

So when Sophia talks about setbacks here and there like being suspended from eBay while growing her business, it’s pretty inspiring. Message? Don’t give up when the cards are stacked up against you.

If you believe in something, go for it 100%.

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Ciao for now!


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  1. Reply Lisa December 31, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    I finished #Girlboss faster than a lot of books that length! Sophia’s story is captivating and motivating!

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