How to Make Extra Money From Selling Your Excess Stuff

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If you’re looking to make extra money outside of your day job, selling used stuff is probably the hustle with the lowest barrier to entry.

You just need stuff and a computer with internet to list the items for sale.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Another benefit of this hustle is that you’re decluttering + organizing your home at the same time while making money.


I have three super cool things to share that’ll help you sell your stuff and other used items.

So, let’s dig in!

100 Things to Sell on eBay

My good friend Jason is an eBay guru.

He’s karate chopping through student loans and credit card debt by selling items on eBay, selling t-shirts, and freelancing writing.

The kicker is…

He does all of this while holding down a full-time job (and traveling a lot which I’m quite jealous of.)

The cool thing about his eBay side hustle is that it’s something that doesn’t require a special skill and he makes a few extra hundred dollars from it every month.

Seriously, anyone and their mom can list stuff on eBay to earn money.

To get you started, Jason created a mega list of 100 things you can sell on eBay.

Grab that list here.

Use it to get your creative juices a-flowing and eyeballs a-looking for things in your house that you can sell.

How to Flip Items on eBay for Even More Money

Besides selling what you already have, flipping is another eBay strategy.

Jason dabbles in this, too.

It’s when you go to thrift stores, garage sales, or a dollar store to buy stuff that you flip on eBay for a higher price.

If you can’t find anything at home to sell (or you’re feeling ambitious), this is a way to take the eBay side hustle of selling your own stuff up a notch.

Gary V is one of my faaaavvvvvvv motivational entrepeneurs.

I won’t bore you with why because he tells his story much better than I can ever do here in a Youtube video about how he grew a multi-million dollar wine business.

(Possible curse word warning in the video. Put your headphones in if you’re at work.)

He understands that side hustlers likely can’t grow this type of multi-million dollar business overnight.

So, in the radio interview below, he explains how flipping items from the dollar store on eBay is something anyone can do to get started making extra money on the side.

The eBay stuff starts at the 7:05 mark.

This interview is on a radio show, so all curse-y words are edited out.

Gary V is spirited. If you like his style though, he’s an awesome person to follow for business tips.

How to Get Started With eBay Step-by-Step

So, you know what to sell and where to find stuff to sell.

The last thing is – how can you sell it?

I have you covered here, too, boo, boo.

Kristin over at Believe in a Budget has an entire tutorial on how to set up your account and sell stuff on eBay step-by-step.

Check out that tutorial here.


One final thing before signing off, if you want tips on decluttering your whole life this spring (money, relationships, house, and all) I put together this roundup of sweet posts.

Talk soon 🙂

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