13 Practical Gifts Under $50 for Difficult People on Your Shopping List

Often the hardest people to shop for during the holidays are the people you end up spending the most money on.


Am I right?

On this site we’re all about saving. That means digging deep into the internet for deals and low-cost holiday items to avoid a debt hangover come January.

If you know someone that’s hard to shop for, the best gift to buy is something practical. A gift that’s not super extravagant, but one they can get a ton of use from.

Here are 13 practical holiday gifts under $50 to consider for the difficult loved ones on your shopping list:

Practical Gifts Under $50

1. Black and Decker Juicer – $35


Juicing is a healthy way to consume fruits and veggies. It also makes for a nutritious meal replacement if the person on your shopping list is trying to cut a few pounds. This juicer has pretty decent reviews for how affordable it is.

BLACK+DECKER Juicer // $35


2. Portable Charger – $16


Who doesn’t need a charger on the go? This charger can get an iPhone 7 or 6s almost two full charges. It can do at least one full charge for a 7 Plus, Galaxy S7, or Nexus 5. And for an iPad mini, this charger can provide at least an 80% charge.

Portable Charger // $16


3. Counting Coin Bank – $15


I highly recommend this product, y’all. I bought one of these for my husband last Christmas, and he’s saved up over $100 in coins this year. We’re using that money for extra cash on our holiday vacation coming up this Thanksgiving. Holla!

Counting Coin Bank // $15



4. Smartphone Lens – $25smartphone-lense

I didn’t know this type of product existed until recently. This is a lens that you clip onto your smartphone for zoomed in photos. It’s pretty darn cool if you want to get detailed shots.

Smartphone Lens // $25


5. Portable Speaker – $28


Sometimes you need a little bit of music, right? If the person on your list is anything like me they need music at all times. This portable speaker connects through Bluetooth, is water resistant, and has super bass.
Water Resistant Portable Speaker
// $28




6. Foot Warming Massager – $46foot-massager

Who doesn’t want the gift of relaxation? This foot warming massage can do the trick for friends and family who need a stress reliever. It warms + massages.

Relaxzen Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat // $46



7. Electric Bottle Opener – $18


If you have a wine drinking friend, they can always use a wine opener. This one is battery operated and can open a wine bottle with one touch.
Electric Wine Opener
// $18




8. Adult Coloring Book – $7coloring-book

Sometimes you just need something to do to pass the time. This goofy adult coloring book is something an eccentric person on your shopping list can pull out on a plane ride, in a waiting room, or just for fun.

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book // $7


9. Chalkboard Mason Jar – $16


If the person you’re shopping for entertains often, these glasses will come in handy. Instead of using disposable cups at the party, everyone can write their name on a mason jar! Cute and practical.

Chalkboard Mason Jar // $16




10. Air Lounger – $40inflatable-chair

My husband and I first saw this lounger on a commercial, and we immediately fell in love. It’s a blow-up couch that you can take to the beach, hiking, or to the pool. Since it’s inflatable, it can pack neatly into your bag!

Air Lounger // $40


scientific-book11. What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical – $12

If you have a curious person on your holiday shopping list, this book is a cool gift to check out. It’s a comedic book with informative answers and drawings to weird questions. Sweet for the coffee table (or the bathroom).

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions // $12


travel-organizer12. Travel Organizer – $14

This idea and the next one are perfect for the travelers on your list. The Travel Organizer book has trip ideas, drawings, and compartments for various documents.

The World Awaits: A Travel Organizer // $14



travel-pillow13. Travel Pillow – $40

You can’t go wrong with a travel pillow for your avid traveler buddies. This pillow has a nifty shape to support their head, neck, and chin.

Travel Pillow // $40



Do you have any practical gifts to add to this list? Share below!

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