10 Websites that Will Help You Save Mega Bucks on Holiday Gifts

November 2016 is in the history books, so it’s holiday fever until 2017.


I want to share a lil’ something, something with you.

The average American plans to spend over $700 on gifts this year.

Do you have an extra $700 laying around that you can splash on gifts?

If not, don’t worry, you can still have a bomb holiday without going into a serious amount of debt.

All you need to do is be a clever shopper.

One super easy trick you can put up your sleeve is a couple of online deal resources.

Here’s a list of 10 sites that can help you save buku bucks this holiday:


Cash Back Websites for Spending


1. Ebates 

I really love Ebates. It’s a cash back website that rewards you for shopping with participating retailers. There are even stores that are giving double cash back for holiday shopping, including:

  • Amazon
  • Gap
  • Finish Line
  • Groupon
  • Walmart
  • and more!

Here’s a quick example of the cash back that I earned shopping with Ebates.

I need to see, so getting a reward for spending that’s necessary anyway (contacts in my case) is super cool.

Free money? Why not?


Be sure to also download the Ebates button for your browser. If you have the button on your browser, the Ebates button will light up every time you’re on a site with cash back deals.

You can download the button here.


2. Ibotta

Ibotta is another cash back site that rewards you in a similar way as Ebates. The cash back you receive is through PayPal, Venmo (another money transfer app), or gift cards.

There are also wine, beer, and alcohol sales on the site just in time for your holiday party!


Deal Websites


3. DealNews

DealNews is the real deal when it comes to showing you the best specials online. It sources store deals from across the internet that you can jump on. You can also search for specific deals and coupons by category or product.



4. Woot!

Woot! is another deal site with curated sales from across the internet. There are plenty more deal categories on this site so if you’re looking for home goods, toys, and outdoor goods, Woot! is one to check out.


Comparison Shopping Websites



If you have specific products you want to buy, the PriceGrabber site is one that can help you comparison shop. Don’t buy a holiday gift without seeing if you’re getting the most affordable price across retailers.



6. Google Search

If you search for an item on Google, you’ve probably met the Google Shopping search bar. It shows you what stores offer the products you want and at what cost.



7. is very similar to Google. It’s another search engine that you can use to find specials on various products particularly electronics.


Coupons and More Websites


8. Free Shipping 

Free Shipping is a website that gives you 10% cash back for spending or free shipping when you shop with retailers through the site. There are also membership coupons you can access. Deal alert: Free Shipping is giving new people who sign up for membership $10 off the first purchase!


9. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is a site that’s all about coupons. Before shopping with a retailer, head to Retail Me Not to see if there are any available coupons or specials that you qualify for!

I do have one word of warning, so you don’t get mega frustrated with the site.

There are some coupons that don’t work, but fortunately there’s a ratings tab next to the deal which shows you how many people were able to use it successfully.



10. Gift Card Granny

Did you know you can get deals when buying gift cards? You can at Gift Card Granny!

There are deals where you can pay less for a gift card than it’s value. For example, there’s a Gift Card special on the site for Target where you can save 4.5%.

You can get a gift card with a $249.55 value and only spend $238.32 on it. If you buy gift cards for the people on your shopping list, get your tail over to Gift Card Granny for a deal ASAP.



That’s the end of this list peeps. Do you have anything to add to this deal website list? Share with us below!

This post may contain affiliate links. Don’t worry, I only promote products I believe in.

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