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10 Websites that Will Help You Save Mega Bucks on …

November 2016 is in the history books, so it’s holiday fever until 2017. I want to share a lil’ something, something with you. The average American plans to spend over $700 on gifts this year. Do you have an extra $700 laying around that you can splash on gifts? If not, don’t worry, you can still have a bomb holiday without going into a serious amount of debt. All you need to do is be a


13 Practical Gifts Under $50 for Difficult People …

Often the hardest people to shop for during the holidays are the people you end up spending the most money on. Am I right? On this site we’re all about saving. That means digging deep into the internet for deals and low-cost holiday items to avoid a debt hangover come January. If you know someone that’s hard to shop for, the best gift to buy is something practical. A gift that’s not super extravagant, but one they


35 Day Holiday Savings Challenge

That time of year is right around the corner once again folks, so we need to start thinking holiday savings! It’s the time of year where we buy gifts for kids and relatives, eat a ridiculous amount of food, attend holiday parties, and drink boozy booze. You know the deal. A bunch of money spent.  My husband and I both have birthdays in November, so the holiday always signifies good cheer, but also birthday festivities. This