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10 Youtube Channels About Money to Watch Right Now

10 Youtube Channels About Money to Watch Right Now


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(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)


If you love YouTube, and you love everything personal finance related, then you most likely follow a few budget youTubers. However, there’s a huge list of different budget YouTubers out there, and here are some of the best that I’ve found and want to share with you.



The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is all about being flexible in your budgeting, earning more money, and being a true grown up when it comes to your finances and budgeting. They are one of the first budget YouTubers you should be following if you are looking to budget wisely without sacrificing your lifestyle.



Jordan Page, Fun Cheap or Free

Have a big family? Need tips and tricks to help make budgeting the “little things” a little easier? Then you should be following Jordan Page, also known as Fun Cheap or Free. Not only does she help you with budgeting, but she also helps you be more productive and actually get things done. So you can kill two birds with one stone by watching her videos!



Rachel Cruze

One of the most popular budget YouTubers, you may know Rachel Cruze as the daughter of Dave Ramsey. However, she deserves a spot on this list in her own right, because she’s all about following her dad’s principles while living life in the modern world. She breaks down budgeting and makes it easier to relate to.



Living On A Dime

Living On A Dime is all about, well, living on a lot less money. From easy and frugal recipes to organizing for less, if you’re looking to cut those pesky costs in your budget, this channel is for you.


His & Her Money

His & Her Money are all about managing and budgeting your money as a true team. The hosts, Talaat and Tai, are a husband and wife who were able to pay off all of their debt (including their mortgage) on one income! If that’s not budgeting magic, what is? If you have a spouse or significant other that you want to handle personal finances with, this is the budget Youtubers channel you should be watching!



Pennies Into Pearls

Need to healthy grocery shop on a budget? Check out Pennies Into Pearls. She sticks to a $350/mo grocery budget for her family of 5, and they eat pretty well! Plus, she isn’t afraid to show you her family’s budget, with real numbers. Talk about a win!


Budget Girl

One of the OGs of budget YouTubers, Budget Girl started as a single girl trying to get out of thousands of dollars in debt. Since then, she’s paid off all of her debt, did her debt-free scream on the Dave Ramsey show, and even snagged herself a boyfriend. She’s proof you can achieve the perfect budget and pay off debt, even when you’re single.


Frugal Chic Life

Plan on having investment properties? Want to have a successful cash envelope system? Then you need to follow Frugal Chic Life. She shares both the ups and downs of being a landlord, side hustling to help your budget, and how to use cash to keep your budget in check.


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Money Smart Family

Known as “America’s Cheapest Family”, Steve and Annette Economides of Money Smart Family know how to pinch pennies and turn them into gold. Not only did they raise all of their five kids on one income, but they also built a brand and name for themselves on a serious budget. They are proof that anyone, regardless of their economic status.


Marriage & Motherhood

Trying to balance working motherhood and budgeting? Marriage & Motherhood has you covered. Jia, the mastermind behind Marriage & Motherhood, is a working mom of two kids who balances working full-time outside of the home, budgeting, and part-time homeschooling her kids. Her family announced they were debt free (except their mortgage) in 2016, and haven’t looked back since.


If you are looking for some new budget YouTubers to follow, you can’t go wrong with any on this list. Who are your favorite budget YouTubers that you follow?

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