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4 Fun Low-Cost Dates for Couples

4 Fun Low-Cost Dates for Couples

fun low cost date nights

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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

There are many reasons why couples go out on dates. Apart from an opportunity to spend time together, it gives you the chance to get to know each other intimately while creating fun memories. Everyone wants an opportunity to go on dates as much as possible whether indoor or outdoor but the problem is usually the expenses involved in creating these dates. With all the projects and things you are saving for, romance seems a bit far fetched. But with these low-cost date ideas, you can improve the quality of your dates and still save money in the process. Here are four fun low-cost dates for couples:


This will be fun for people who love nature and outdoor activities. Hiking can be relaxing and interesting for you and your partner depending on what trail you choose.

If the scenery is beautiful and includes something like waterfalls, or rocks, you could stop and admire and even take pictures of those places to capture perfect memories. Most hiking spots can be free while state parks may have a fee.


This is a very romantic date idea that will not cost you much. All you would need to do is take food and drinks from home to the park. This creates a perfect opportunity for both of you to have detailed conversations and not get distracted or interrupted. It helps you bond with your partner, and you could even turn it into the perfect photoshoot.

Game/Movie Night

You don’t even need to purchase anything, but you could have so much fun. Start with games like board games or video games. But there should be stakes, so it is more fun and interesting. You can even top it all of with a movie. Netflix could come to the rescue!

Visit the Museum

If you and your partner fancy history and wouldn’t mind looking at a bunch of old pictures and having interesting conversations in between, then this is a perfect date idea for you. Some museums offer free admissions on certain days of the month while some have really low rates. This is a choice date idea because you would spend little but gain a lot of time with your partner at someplace interesting. You could even take fun pictures to add to your album. You could also try other tourist attractions that have historical information or sculpting that can be intriguing.

All these date ideas have one thing in common and that is their ability to offer fun and romance at the lowest rates. College students and people just looking to cut cost and still have a great time will find this list of four fun low-cost dates for couples useful. 

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