Hi, I’m Taylor, the chick behind this site. Here’s a bit of backstory:

I graduated in 2011 with a decent job but no idea how to manage money or how to be an actual adult. So I did what any “wanna be” adult would do and spent an obscene amount of money on happy hours, heels, and bottle service.

Around 2013ish, I got the itch to start doing things a bit differently because, although I got paid pretty well, it didn’t feel like I had much of a direction or goals.

So I got serious about budgeting and paid off some lingering student loan debt to get that out of the way. (I share the SUPER easy budgeting method I used here in this book. Tooting my own horn—the book was an Amazon Bestseller for its category earlier this year! It’s great even for people who hate budgeting.)

Fast forward a bit and I started documenting my story here on this blog. I fell in love with writing online and I started writing about personal finance for other publications and companies.

Eventually, writing for clients and writing on this blog became my full-time job.

Interested in writing, blogging, or self-publishing? Check out my writing tips, blogging tips, and best practices for running an online business on my professional site.

What do we talk about on TayTalksMoney?

The fact is, talking about money, career stuff, and becoming an “adult” can be awkward and intimidating.

For a while, I felt too ashamed to ask for help when I needed it. That’s why this site is here. It’s your online best friend. This is a place where we talk transparently about managing money, paying debt, building credit, and living a financially responsible amazing life.

Here’s a good place to start. If you want to contribute, learn more here.