10 Inspirational Blog Posts to Read Before Giving Up on Your Business Idea

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Running a business full-time or part-time is a rewarding experience.

You have total autonomy to grow something from the ground up and work from anywhere.

You provide a product, service, or information that your customer base values.

busines-inspiration busines-inspiration

Moreover, your income can grow limitlessly based on how much work you put in.

But, there’s also the downsides that no one likes to talk about a.k.a. the growing pains that occur when developing your business idea.

These are the times when:

  • You don’t know wtf you’re doing.
  • You’re working what feels like every waking hour of the day and not seeing results.
  • You compare yourself against other biz owners and feel hella behind.
  • You don’t have any other biz owner friends that can relate to your growing pains.

If you’re frustrated or struggling in business, here are 10 pieces of inspiration that I refer to whenever I’m having a case of the “biz owner blues”.


How to Hit Rock Bottom and Come Back a Business Owner (Without breaking a nail. Or going insane. Or resorting to prostitution. Mostly.)

This post makes the very TOP of this list as my favorite, favorite business related post ever. If you’re running a business (or have a business idea) that doesn’t feel quite right, this post by Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project talks about knowing when it’s time to ditch an old idea for one that’s 100% your dream business.

Hint: Her dream business is much more successful and poppin’.

Here’s the post intro:


Go to the post here:


How to Stop Feeding Fears That Paralyze Your Business

Here’s another great post about working through fears in business to launch great things. It includes a must-read list of 19 fear scenarios that could be paralyzing your business and ways to overcome them. (Damn you fear!)

Here’s the post intro:


Go to the post here:


Maintaining Success: Keeping Momentum Without Going Crazy

Sometimes the problem isn’t arriving at “success” (whatever that means to you since it’s all relative). Instead, the problem is your fear of what will happen after success. This post is about keeping momentum and staying consistent so the opportunities keep coming.

Go to the post here:

Bonus: This TedTalks is about fearing failure after success, too. Love it.

From the Scarcity Mindset to the Abundance Mindset

Scarcity mindset is a major problem, folks.

A scarcity mindset is the thought that there aren’t enough resources or opportunities to go around. So, if you see other business owners doing super cool things, a scarcity mindset can lead you to believe there’s less opportunity to go around for you and it’s time to throw in the towel.

This post gives you tips on how to turn that mindset into one of abundance or the thinking that there is plenty of opportunity for all of us. Even if other business owners are killing the game, there is enough space for both of you to shine.

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Programming Your Mind for Success

When you’re looking for inspiration, TedTalks are always fantastic videos to turn to. This one is about building a business that’s flourishing but not being fulfilled at the final destination.

It is entirely possible to start a business and leave “traditional” work only to find out that you don’t love the business you create. If this is the reason you want to give up on your business, here’s how to pivot with purpose.

Why Worry Keeps You Poor

Another post from The Launch Coach. This one is about worry and how worrying is the root of all evil in business.

One awesome thought from the post: Worrying is practicing failure in advance.

Boom! Learn how to stop worry from sabotaging you.

Here’s the intro:


Go to the post here:


How I Started Making a Full-Time Blogging Income

This post is from What I always love about her is the transparency.

The post below is about the sacrifices you may need to make in order to make sh*t happen. For her, that included selling her furniture and sleeping on an air mattress with a hole in it while repositioning her business.

Here’s a blurb:


Go to the post here:


10 Brand Building Mistakes You Can Learn from My Fails

Dre of The Branded Solopreneur discusses her failures before landing on her current amazing brand. The main point that I LOVE about her post is the fact that failure does happen, it can downright suck, but learning from what didn’t work can lead you to your destiny.


Go the post here:

Be Consistent and Small. That’s How You Win at Business. 

Yup, Regina makes it on this round up twice. It’s easy to set big goals and have huge aspirations, but the small consistent steps can get lost in the mix.

These small consistent steps that get overlooked make the biggest difference. Could the slog of the small steps be making you want to give up on your business?

Regina discusses the importance of laying down the small bricks of your business so eloquently in this post that I just had to share.

Here’s a blurb:


Go to the post here:


Marie Forleo on CreativeLive

If you’re a part-time business owner hustling to transition into full-time, this is a video you’re going to want to watch. Marie Forleo is a super well-known business strategist. Regardless of what your business is (brick-and-mortar, online, or other), the discussion about hustling in random side jobs like bartending while growing your business is valuable.

This is also a great video if you have many passions and you’re not sure which one to pursue long-term. You may not be able to go full-time this year, next year, or three years from now, but what you’re learning now in the growing stages is just as important.


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