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How to Get Paid for Things You Do for Free

The median average income from the 2015 census was $55,775. Need more money? Making money on the side is the best way to gain the breathing room to save up for a goal if your full-time job is not bringing in enough cheese to make it happen. If you don’t know what to do for a side hustle or if you’re becoming disillusioned by the constant stream of get-rich-quick scheme malarky on the internet, I want to


A List of Used Stuff You Can Sell for Cash

My first memory of cashing in on junk is from 5th grade. We had this weird competition with multiple schools. Whoever collected the most valuable junk won a school field trip to the recycling plant. Of course, me and my neighbor went a little overboard. I mean, go big or go home right? We created a song, “Trash collectors, trash collectors”, to the tune from the Soccer Boppers commercial. (It’s cool, just go with it.) Then


How to Hire a Quality Business Coach

On this blog, we talk about frugality, cutting costs, and saving money. Pretty much the exact opposite of spending money. But, here’s the deal:  Over the last three-ish years of budgeting, being frugal, and then starting a business, I’ve learned a very important lesson. There’s a time to be frugal. And then there’s a time to make the right investments in yourself to attract more money. One of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself


30 Ways to Relieve Stress

A few weeks ago, I reached out to the TTM community asking for some pointers on how to deal with stress. I figure it’s good to pass off the mic every so often. Especially since the last few weeks I’ve been dealing with some anxiety myself and took a little break from blizz-ogging (a.k.a. blogging in cool speak). I sooooo appreciate reader insight on this topic. Thank you for those who chimed in :). Here


What Your Personality Type Can Tell You About Your…

Before I get started I want to warn you right off the bat my friend: This post is a little more “woo woo” than posts with other productivity and money saving tools I share like StayFocusd to block yourself from Facebook stalking all day and Qapital to top-up your savings. Instead, this pos is about addressing what’s going on inside of your head so you can better understand the reason behind your feelings, actions, strengths, and


How to Double Your Side Hustle Income (From Strugg…

Over the last few months, I’ve been creating mega posts on how to start a side biz to earn extra money with your own skills. One post is on setting pricing etc. for your side business. Another post is on how to promote your side business to land your first few customers. The last post explains how to create side biz systems like setting up a contract, payment terms, and more. To take this whole series