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A Shortcut to Getting Unstuck, Gaining Clarity and…

Updated May 2, 2017 “I gotta keep it super real wit ya, shooorrtttaaay.” It seems every time I sit down to write a post a song lyric pops into my head that relates to what I want to dig into. This one compliments of PartyNextDoor. 🙂 Before I jump into a little back story: The goal with everything I write is to be helpful. Always. So I’m letting you in on one of my struggles.


How to Stay Healthy and Fit on a Budget

(Hey, hey friends. I’m on a constant quest to get my body back together. After getting married in 2013 and starting a business I fellll wayyyy off the fitness and healthy eating train. So of course I packed on the pounds. Sometimes life happens and we forget to take care of ourselves. No bueno. This week, I partnered up with Ayana Frierson a fitness guru for a guest post. Her blog is coming soon and


How to Overcome Fear to Grow a Business

Updated May 2, 2017 It’s time to talk about fear today, guys. The crippling fear of rejection that holds you back from pitching high paying clients and requesting more money for your work. So to start, I’ll just put it out there: I have anxiety. By anxiety, I mean the “real” kind of anxiety. Not the one where your palms occasionally sweat before a major presentation or job interview. I’m talking about the one where


Why Giving Your Past Self Advice is Useless

Updated May 2, 2017 I’ve seen many writers do posts on advice for their past self. So I figured I’d do one. After all, I have a lot of knowledge today that I didn’t know in the past. It would have saved me a bunch of trial and error if my “ghost of Taylor yet to come” spilled the beans on this stuff from the get-go. Right? So I go to write and remember something craaaaazy…