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Why Emergency Savings is Vital (& Not Just Another…

Updated May 1, 2017 You may think I’ve always had things under control. Not so. I mean I write about making more money and saving more money. But things happen. Let me know if this has happened to you. Every-thang is coming together. You’re up-to-date on your bills. You’ve made significant payments on debt. You’re thinking – YAY me. Then [insert your something] happens. For us, it was car issues. Here’s a tail of an


How to Cut the Crap and Live a Frugal Lifestyle to…

Updated May 1, 2017 There comes a time in everyone’s life when they hit a savings or debt repayment crossroads. You know you should be spending less. But the desire to buy things gets you every time. You think the only possible way to build savings is by making more money at a better job. So you search longingly through job boards for the perfect position and promise yourself that when you land the right


4 Money Saving Ideas For Budgeting Newbies

Updated May 2, 2017 In 2013, I started to get serious about money for two reasons. I wanted to ensure that I was saving enough money for future BIG purchases. Plus, I wanted to save enough money and repay enough debt to responsibly quit my job and to start a business. Repaying debt before quitting my job felt like the safest and most responsible move to make. Taking this step is something I wholeheartedly recommend