21 Cheap Things To Do On the Weekend When You’re Bored to Tears

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Do you experience this weird cycle?


You wait all week long for the weekend.

And then when the weekend comes, you don’t know WTH to do…

Yea, same here.

We’ve been living in the ‘burbs for the last year and a half now.

This is a big change for me. I’m used to more urban environments.

The type of environment where you can roll out of bed, stroll through the apartment lobby door, and walk two blocks to the nearest park, bookstore, or metro.

So, I’ve come up with new ideas (other than people watching in the city) to occupy free time during the weekend.

To beat boredom:


21 Cheap Ideas for a Boring Weekend

1. Host a cooking challenge – Play master chef. Choose one ingredient that you have in the fridge or pantry. Then, have each master chef in the challenge create their best dish with that ingredient. Have a judge choose the winner. My mom and dad played master chef against each other one holiday and boy was it competitive/hilarious.

2. Head to your nearest body of water or natural wonder – There’s something about a body of water that’s so calming. Pack up the car and spend some time by a creek, pond, river, lake, or ocean. If you don’t have any of those, head to a mountain, trail, or park to get some fresh air.

3. Take DIY head shots – It’s good to have professional photos of yourself for sites like LinkedIn. Check out a few guides on how to do your own head shots here and here.

4. Find a bar/restaurant that has live music – No need to buy anything beyond a few soft drinks or appetizers if you’re on a budget. Just sit back and vibe with the band.

5. Go for a dessert date – A full dinner may not be in the budget, but a romantic dessert night can be just as fun, and it’s less expense.

6. Host a board game night – Invite a few friends over for a competitive friendly game of Monopoly, Taboo, or Catch Phrase.

7. Check for free neighborhood events – Usually, communities have free or affordable activities throughout the week to keep us busy. For Atlanta, we have the Events12 website which I use quite often. It lists fairs, festivals, shows, and more. I found this site by Googling “free events in Atlanta.” You can do the same for your closest city to find out what’s going on.

8. Search Groupon or LivingSocial for event deals – These sites negotiate deals with local businesses on dining, activities, travel, spa treatments, and more. See if you can score a deal on something to do this weekend there.

9. Hold a vision board party + goals party – A vision board is a board that has photo representation of where you want to be within the next few years. You can learn more about creating one here. Get together some pieces of cardboard and a few glue sticks. Ask your friends to bring old magazines, and it’s a party.

10. Have a movie night. Nothing wrong with relaxing if you’ve had a stressful week. Last weekend, my husband and I watched 3 movies in a row – and it was amazing. Choose some cult classics or new movies and pop some popcorn.

11. Have a bonfire – Bonfires are always poppin’. Grab some wood, friends, and marshmallows for a party.

12. Plant veggies – If you want to get your hands a little dirty, try planting some veggies this weekend. Find out some of the easier veggies to plant and grow here.

13. Go rollerskating – Yes, rollerskating rinks still exist. Head to the skating rink with the family for an affordable activity. You can lace up your skates and join in or watch everyone else bust their bum. 😉

14. Take a personality test – Take some time this weekend to get to know yourself. I’m kind of obsessed with personality tests and getting to know the unique quirks that all of us possess. You can take a free version of the Myer’s Briggs test here. There are 16 personality types. You may thinks it’s completely woo woo. But, give it a try anyway. You’ll be surprised how accurate it is.

15. Go to model home open houses – If you’re looking to buy in the next few years or to get some decorating inspiration for your current home, head to a few development open houses. These houses are usually decorated to the nines and there may be free cookies.

16. Play a pick up game or make up a game altogether – Grab a ball, throw it, or kick it around. If you play a one-on-one sport, organize a tournament. To switch things up, get creative and make up your own outdoor ball game with new rules.

17. Go to a drive in movie – These are becoming more rare, but in some towns they still exist. Your community may even organize lawn chair movie nights in the park. Pack some snacks and watch a flick!

18. Search Eventbrite for activities – Eventbrite is a cool site where event organizers post things going on around your town. The events on the site will depend on your location. But, I’ve seen networking mixers, dance classes, free financial classes for moms, and more on the Eventbrite for my area.

19. Listen to a podcast – Instead of getting entertainment from a screen, listen to a podcast. This American Life is one of my all time favorites. Each radio episode they talk about different topics relevant to the American life like love, friendship, family, trending topics, and more.

If you love true crime, Sword and Scale is a very good one as well. (This podcast is pretty intense, so if you’re sensitive to certain crime related material please do not listen.)

Serial is another true crime podcast that’s a little less intense. There’s only two seasons of Serial. Each one breaks down the story of an infamous crime. For laughs, the Ricky Gervais podcast with Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington is absolutely hilarious. I fell in love with Karl on Idiot Abroad. You can check out this oldie, but goodie here.

Lastly, for hip hop culture lovers, I’ll Name This Podcast Later is required listening. Rapper Joe Budden and friends discuss trending topics, rappers, and pop culture. This one is not safe for work.

20. Walking and tuning  – If you’re a music lover, you know a good pair of headphones with some boom in the bass line can put you in a trance. Grab your headphones and head to a high school track or the side walk and walk it out.

21. Drive to a new town – Check out a new area or town near you that you’ve never been. Or, depending on how adventurous you are, start driving take a few random turns and get lost on purpose. Then, try to find your way back without the GPS.

22. Create a time capsule wardrobe – A time capsule wardrobe is one that’s made up of a few basic high-quality pieces that you can style in different ways to reduce clutter. Although it’s a minimalist approach to fashion, it can be quite stylish.

Now, this doesn’t mean going out on a shopping spree. Shop your own closet to see if you have the start to a time capsule wardrobe and then list out what pieces you want to buy over time. You can find out the ins and outs of time capsule wardrobes here.

Anything to add to avoid boredom? Add below!

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