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So here are the facts:


Fact #1: You’re coasting and going through the motions. You’re playing it safe. Disgustingly safe.


Fact #2: You want desperately not play it safe, to take action, to spend less time in your head, and more time making things happen.


Fact #3: Money is the barrier. The lack of it. The stress of managing it. It’s the ball and chain that’s keeping you stuck, stagnant, and in a slump.


Fact #4: You’ve wished upon a lottery ticket (or two). And tried a get-rich-quick scheme (or two). And been enticed by other random sketchy shortcuts that pop up on your social media feed/TV/radio that promise to solve the ball and chain problem.


Fact #5: You’re in the right place. On TTM we talk about realistic ways to make more, save more, and be productive so you can do the things in life you love without wasting your time on all the sketchy stuff from Fact #4 above.


Since you’re new around these parts, I’ll take you on a little orientation of sorts.


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