Got a story?

This site accepts contributor stories on saving, making money, repaying debt, building credit, and living a lux life on a budget. 

The story doesn’t have to have some ridiculously cathartic ending like, “I punched my boss in the face, lit my desk on fire, and launched a multi-million dollar chicken farm in 90 days.” Nope.

Just a personal story you can contribute on something that you’ve done related to money that may be helpful to others. Include what you learned (or are presently learning). It can be posted anonymously if you come up with a witty pseudonym. 🙂

Check out an example hereThe post you contribute should be 500 to 600 words. Use at least three subheads within the content to break up your points. Be sure to have an understanding of the audience and the voice of the site before sending a pitch.

A pitch should include the full post in the body of the form below.