100+ Costs to Cut From Your Monthly Expenses Today to Save Big

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2019)

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About three years ago, I was at a crossroads. Things were pretty good. Bills paid on time. Check. Vacations. Check. Vibrant social life. Double check.

But I also felt complacent. Do you know the feeling? It’s like you’re floating.

You’re kinda in a trance. All the days start feeling the same. And you’re not sure how to get control of the cycle. My roadblocks were my student loans and not-so-great spending habits.

How Cutting Expenses Changed My Life

There’s no way around it, money is a huge factor that contributes to being stuck in a cycle that you can’t get out of. When you’re broke or living paycheck to paycheck, you have limited opportunities, options, and resources to make life changes.

When you have savings and less debt, you have more opportunities + flexibility to take risks or afford the things you love. For me, finding more money literally meant more freedom.

Cutting costs was the answer to regaining control and allowed me to make the moves that I had only dreamt of until that point.


Cutting costs is what helped me find money to increase my student loan payment from the bare minimum. It also helped me leave my cushy 9 to 5 job for self-employment. After cutting expenses and actually budgeting, I found that I never had an income problem, it was a spending problem.

Money Tip: On top of cutting costs, Digit is a another GREAT app I use and LOVE for saving. It connects to your bank account and uses an algorithm to see how much money you have and then transfers cash incrementally without you having to do anything! Use this link to sign up and you’ll get a $5 bonus!

How to Cut Costs from Your Monthly Expenses

What costs can you cut? This is the important question that can unlock your own door to freedom and allow you to afford more of the big things in life that it feels like you’re never able to indulge in.

Cut back consistently day after day and month after month and you too will have enough money to live out your weird, wild dreams!

To help you, here’s a mega list of possible costs you can cut from your household expenses.

It can be seriously easy to forget all of the money you’re actually spending on random things. Running through this list will help make sure you’re accounting for the “phantom expenses” that cause you to bleed money throughout the month.

You’ll probably find (like I did) that the small expenses add up to big money that will better serve you in a freedom fund.

**Keep in mind, this is a list of expenses you MAY be able to cut and is meant to get you thinking about ways to eliminate bills or reduce them through negotiation. No worries though. The doc comes with instructions 😀 )

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  1. Miss Elizabeth3 weeks ago

    Your list is a joke, right? You suggest getting rid of internet, transportation, and babysitters… so people are supposed to walk to their lower paying jobs and leave their children unattended? Please give real advice if you’re using this “list” as a way to capture email addresses to peddle your financial education services. This is an insult to those that believe in practical advice and helping others.

    • Taylor3 weeks ago

      1. I appreciate the feedback on the list. At the beginning of the list, it explains that none of these things are required. It’s a list meant to jog your brain of things that you could potentially cut or negotiate to pay less on. (Edit: This could obviously be made clearer based on your point.)

      2. I don’t peddle anything. Actually, I spend hours on this site and pay to run it out of my own pocket. The information I regularly email my list is FREE advice. You can easily bypass the one or two things for sale to read all the predominately free content. If someone can’t afford, or simply doesn’t want, the few things on this site I have for sale, no problem or hard feelings. I point them to any of the FREE resources I have on ways I’ve repaid debt, saved, and improved my money mindset. Or I email them one-on-one with suggestions and other resources.

      3. Furthermore, I’m a professional personal finance writer who’s written hundreds of articles on a broad range of personal finance topics that are FREE to the public like how to save for a baby including ways to save for childcare like through a DCFSA https://www.magnifymoney.com/blog/strategies-to-save/how-much-it-costs-to-have-a-baby-and-how-to-start-saving/. You can read a small handful of stories I’ve researched and written here https://www.taylorkathleen.co/clips-testimonials

      4. As a writer, I’ve also worked on personal finance curriculum projects that have been used and implemented on for free by hundreds of thousands of people.

      In closing, you can say you got no use from this list. I appreciate the feedback. But I have a problem when you comment that I’m an “insult to those that believe in practical advice” when I’ve dedicated my entire 20’s to sharing money advice most of which is free for public viewing.

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