Well, this is awkward.

You've found me and this site, but I'm no longer writing here.

It's been a pleasuring blogging about my personal money journey since 2013. 

We talked about making money, saving money, paying debt, and much more.

A brand spanking new version of this site may be in the cards some day...

But for now, my focus is creating inclusive and empathic personal finance content for some of the biggest brands so I can connect with you in a larger way.

If you want to discuss freelancing writing, contributor, columnist, or content production partnerships, you can find me at TaylorKathleen.co.

If you want to just chat, say hi, and connect on socials, here they are:

Instagram: @taylorkathleen.co and @taytalksmoney

Twitter: Taytalksmoney

Taylor, signing out!