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How to Get Cash Back for Shopping Using Ebates

How to Get Cash Back for Shopping Using Ebates

how to save money with ebates

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(Last Updated On: April 2, 2019)

Did you know you can get cash back for regular shopping you do online? I know, it’s crazy, but soooooo true. If you’re not currently looking for cash back opportunities when shopping online, you’re doing it wrong, sis, and here’s how to fix it.

how to earn cash back with ebates

get paid to shop online

What’s Ebates?

Ebates is a HUGE database that has partnerships with retailers. Retail partners offer cash back through the service when you make purchases.

You can get as much as 12% back on various stores and as much as 5% cash back when you shop at Amazon.

Who doesn’t shop at Amazon, folks? There’s even cash back opportunities under the travel and vacation category for hotels, airport parking, and rental cars. (Time for a vacation anyone?)

Don’t miss out on the action.

Here’s How it Works

You create a 100% free account with Ebates. Do that at this link. And then download the browser button for Ebates. The browser button will make it so every time you’re shopping on a website that offers cash back, a notification will go off. This way you’ll never miss a deal!

Ebates browser button

After shopping, cash back you earn will be added to your Ebates Cash Back balance.

how to use ebates

Then periodically, you get a Big Fat Check from Ebates with your cash back. You can get the check through PayPal. It’s that easy!

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Get On It

Ebates offers free money back for shopping. If you’re going to shop, why not earn cash back and get an incentive for doing it?

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