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How to Make a Post Go Viral on Pinterest

How to Make a Post Go Viral on Pinterest

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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

how to make posts go viral on pinterest

how to make posts go viral on pinterest


Interested in getting some reach on Pinterest?

Join the FREE training:


(without spending lots of time or money)


It’s hosted by me… Taylor! I’m a blogger,  writer, and indie author.

I use Pinterest to bring traffic to my blog, to promote my book, and to show potential clients my writing skills.

The results have been pretty good:


viral on pinterest


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How Make a Post Go Viral on Pinterest Workshop

It’s time to stop shooting in the dark on Pinterest and hoping that you’ll get traction. Creating great pins and content is a science. But it is a science that anyone can master without spending HOURS AND HOURS on Pinterest. (I mean who has time for that anyway?)

go viral on pinterest

In this training, I share 3 of my secrets for going viral on Pinterest. We discuss:

  • How to figure out if your audience is on Pinterest and what content they want
  • The 3 special ingredients for viral pins
  • How to go viral without spending a BUNCH of time on Pinterest

I share the details on how I’ve been able to make pins go viral on the platform bringing traffic to my site and exposure to my blog and brand.

Ready to start making your mark on Pinterest? Reserve your seat at the training below!

click to watch the workshop

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