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How to Negotiate Your Salary

How to Negotiate Your Salary

how to negotiate your salary

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(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

how to negotiate a salaryhow to negotiate your salary

how to ask for a raise

According to research by Harvard Business Review, women ask for raises as often as men but are less successful. More specifically, “Women who asked obtained a raise 15% of the time, while men obtained a pay increase 20% of the time.”

This doesn’t paint the prettiest picture, but that doesn’t mean we have to take any of this lying down. Going into negotiations prepared is key. Below are some amazing resources from experts on how to negotiate your salary or a raise.

Check out each of these resources for tips on how to prepare, how to ask your boss to have a meeting with you, and how to handle the conversation.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise by Ramit of the site I Will Teach You to Be Rich is the most in-depth guide on asking for a raise that I’ve ever seen.

It’s broken down into several parts. It teaches you how to prepare your boss for salary negotiations. It explains how to overcome objections and how to stop being shy about negotiations. Definitely a guide to check out if you want a salary increase.

Negotiate a Promotion or Raise from the Lens of a Manager 

There’s a great thread on Reddit from a manager who discusses what a manager thinks during salary and raise negotiations. The manager explains the business’s interest when negotiating.

One tip is that you go into salary negotiations with another offer in your back pocket so you have a bit of leverage. Not that you should throw the offer in their face. But that you have the ability to walk away from the deal if it doesn’t suit you. Check out the Q&A in the thread here.

The Secret to Negotiating a Raise During Tough Times

Finally, the website The Muse has an awesome series about negotiation. Two experts answer tons of negotiation questions. This specific question (how to negotiate a raise during tough times) was sent in by someone who said they’re chronically underpaid.

The expert answers by telling her how to address her fear of negotiation and how to frame her value to her boss. Learn the experts secrets for negotiating here plus check out the archive of negotiation posts from The Muse here.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s not a big deal if you didn’t come out your mother’s womb as a master negotiator. Fortunately, there are some super cool resources above to help you prepare and ask for an increase in salary.

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