107 Productive Things to Do Instead of Spending Money


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Bigger, better, and badder than ever before.107-productive-things

Okay, let me not get ahead of myself. A few years ago, I put together a monster list of things you can do instead of watching TV. Since this site is all about getting your money together and adulting, I updated the list to include things you can do to make more money, save more money, and be productive. Booyahhhhh!

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Now, let’s get to it!


Things to Do to Get Your Finances in Order

1. Sign up for Acorns! Acorns is a super cool app that will help you save money. I LITERALLY SWEAR by this app. I used it to get to Trinidad carnival this year. I have $600+ in my account right now and I’m thinking of using it for laser hair removal. (TMI?)

  • How it works: This account takes about 10 minutes to sign up for AND IT’S WORTH IT.  It rounds up purchases you make with your debt card to the next dollar and invests the change for you. You don’t feel the impact of the savings, and it’s automatic.
  • How to get started: You create an account, login to your checking account through the app, and choose your financial goals. Acorns will use your goals to recommend to you an investing plan and the transfers will start. It costs $1/per month and is free for college students.  Check it out here!.

2. Make a monthly budget. Figure out what unnecessary costs you can cut from your monthly expenses. Do you really need Netflix and Hulu? These are the questions that need answers. LOL.

3. Set a savings goal. Do you want to save up for an emergency fund, vacation, car, or motorcycle? Speak it into existence. Name whatever it is and how much it will require you to save. Then break down your savings goal into daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

4. Cash in spare change you find. (I’ve saved over $100 in random change in a few months before. Like, holy cow. You can get a similar change counter from below here.)

My super full change counter.


5. Check your bills. Make sure you’re getting competitive rates for all services, i.e. your cell service, car, home or renter’s insurance. You can do this by snooping around online to compare rates with other providers.

Call your current companies to see if they’ll match the lower price you found elsewhere. If they won’t, think about jumping ship for the less expensive company. If you hate negotiating for rate reductions, check out my review on BillFixers, a company that will take care of it for you.

6. Check your credit score and come up with a plan to improve it. (Here’s why your credit score is important.) You can get your credit score for free in minutes at Credit Sesame.

7. Calculate how much money you need to save for retirement. You can adjust your weekly, monthly, and yearly savings goal to make sure you’re saving enough.

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Things to Do to Earn More Money (and Boost Your Career)

8. Sign up for DoorDash to earn some extra cash. DoorDash is an app you can use to pick up and deliver food from restaurants to the buyers doorstep. This is a cool alternative if you prefer not to do ridesharing with people in your car. DoorDash is looking for drivers! You keep 100% of tips plus there’s a base minimum you can earn for each delivery. Woop, woop! Sign up here.

9. Brainstorm ways to turn your favorite hobby into a business. Then, do market research i.e ask around to see if there’s a need for your idea. (If you don’t have a biz idea, here are a few ways to make extra money.)

10. Write your dream business plan.

11. Make a checklist of tasks you need to complete to put your dream business plan into action.

12. Sell stuff on Ebay. My friend has 100 things you can sell here.

13. Untag/delete every embarrassing photo of yourself on social media to prevent a future employer or client from finding it.

14. Locate and follow blogs that are relevant to your hobbies, future goals, business, or aspirations. You can do this by searching “your hobby + blog” in a search engine.

15. Comment on those blogs and then e-mail the blogger to spark conversation.

16. Print out flyers of your side business and tack them to every community board in your neighborhood.

17. Write an e-book.

18. Google your name to see what your first online impression is. (If you use Gmail for your email provider, log out of your account to see what the public sees.)

19. Sign up for Elance, Odesk, and other freelancing sites to offer a service for side cash.

20. Write down personal and professional goals for the week, month, and year.

21. Think of where you want to be in 5 years and write down intentional steps on getting there. super cool exercise I learned from someone recently is writing your dream bio. You write about yourself in the third-person including everything that you want to be known for. It’s a neat way to organize your aspirations.

22. Make a vision board.

23. Make a LinkedIn profile or Twitter account if you don’t have one.

24. Increase your LinkedIn profile strength.

25. Find all the top influencers in your field and follow them on Twitter.

26. Then, follow 200 other interesting people on Twitter.

27. Get social with hashtags. Log into Instagram, look up what’s going on in hashtags related to your hobbies, interests, or profession. Start liking and commenting on posts that grab your attention and network with new people.

28. Update your profile on career sites like Career Builder and Monster.

29. Set up job alert notifications from your favorite job boards.

30. Take some clothes to the consignment store to trade for cash.

31. E-mail old friends, roommates, classmates, family members, and acquaintances to catch up. If you’re job hunting, update them on your professional history and tell them you’re looking around for new opportunities.

32. Read an e-book from one of the influencers in your field.

33. Update your resume and cover letter.

34. Look up conventions or trade shows in your industry coming to your area.

35. Sign up for free networking mixers.

36. Put together a brag book or portfolio that includes all of your achievements for interviews.

37. Reach out to old colleagues and managers for recommendations to have on hand.

38. Set up Google alerts for news on an industry or thought leader you want to learn more about.

39. Read trending case studies in your field.

40. Peruse the free section of Craigslist for things to recycle or resell.

41. Scan the gig section on Craigslist for side jobs to make extra cash.

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Things to Do to Be Productive

42. Clean your house. There’s nothing better than waking up to freshness.

43. Try meal prepping to save time in the evenings.

44. Cook a healthy meal using ingredients from your pantry.

45. Do the laundry.

46. Do a puzzle.

47. Walk a few miles.

48. Groom your nails – it builds confidence even for men.

49. Iron your clothes for the next work day so you can sleep in.

50. Take a free online course in your field.

51. Organize your e-mail and delete the junk.

52. Do yoga.

53. Call a relative.

54. Join a meet-up or sports league in your neighborhood.

55. Play memory games.

56. Learn to do something new with YouTube tutorials.

57. Pack your lunch for tomorrow.

58. Make a smoothie for tomorrow’s breakfast with the fruit + veggies you have before they spoil.

59. Organize your personal documents i.e. tax returns, insurance forms, passport, etc.

60. Meditate.

61. Enjoy the benefits of a cold shower.

62. Sit and talk with your spouse, roommate, friend, or child.

63. Count your blessings.

64. Take a power nap.

65. Go out for a jog.

66. Give your dog a bath. Or clip your cat’s nails.

67. Do a free fitness workout from YouTube. (Here are some of my favs.)

68. Ask that person you’ve been too shy to ask out on a date to the park.

69. Organize your junk drawer.

70. Go to a free museum, art show, or art festival.

71. Go to a book signing or book reading.

72. Go to a farmer’s market.

73. Feng Shui your home.

74. Switch up your framed photos.

75. Clean your fridge.

76. Teach your pet a new trick.

77. Organize your closet.

78. Watch a documentary to gain new perspective on Youtube. Yup, Youtube has a lot of neat free docs.

79. Ask a friend over for drinks.

80. Write in a journal.

81. Make a time capsule to be opened a few years from now.

82. Shop your own closet — pair new things together or hack it up to make something new entirely.

83. Plan out your outfits for a full week to decrease early morning rushing.

84. Bake cookies for your office — brownie points :).

85. Do 107 crunches. To learn how to get your butt in gear without the expensive gym membership, head here.

86. Do a Pinterest project.

87. Read.

88. Do 107 jumping jacks.

89. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

90. Do a crossword puzzle.

91. Research big brother/sister opportunities and sign up.

92. Blast music and dance around.

93. Lay in the sun (with sunscreen).

94. Practice a new hairdo or make-up look.

95. Pot some plants — I love succulents.

96. Weed your garden.

97. Draw.

98. Write a song.

99. Finish a project you’ve been putting off – completely.

100. Clean your garage.

101. Walk up and down the stairs until you get a nice sweat going.

102. Plan a yard sale.

103. Visit a family member.

104. Listen to a TedTalks. Here are a few of my favs:

105. Mow your grass and offer to mow other lawns for $20.

106. Do laps in your pool.

107. Go hiking, biking, and outdoor exploring.

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