BillFixers Review: How I Lowered My Comcast Bill By Over $300 for 2017


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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2018)


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BillFixers is one of those findings, friends! In my recent post on how to create a budget, I briefly talked about ways to cut your monthly bills so you have more money for other things.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to reduce your bills, you should consider turning to BillFixers for some extra help. Here’s why:

First, a little back story.

Comcast cable and internet has been a pain point in my household for the last few months. Our basic cable and internet contract package expired months ago increasing the monthly rate. Naturally, when I called in to negotiate, I got the run around.

I think I’m a pretty savvy shopper who can find savings, but I tabled negotiations with Comcast because (to be quite frank) I didn’t feel like dealing with it. So I reached out to BillFixers for help.

BillFixers was able to negotiate a credit and a new package deal for a total annual savings of $328.51.

I got a credit of $28.99 for the first month until the new lower contract rate kicked in. The new 12-month contract rate is $24.96 less than my previous one. Here’s how it shows up on the statements:




What is BillFixers?

Billfixers is a website that will contact the service providers of your reoccurring bills (i.e. cell phone, satellite, cable, newspaper, etc.) to negotiate on your behalf.

The purpose of the service is to relieve you from the hassles of waiting on hold for an hour or being transferred from department to department when you try to find savings.

According to BillFixers, their expert negotiators find promotional rates, loyalty discounts, special packages, and credits to get you the lowest bill possible.

Monthly bills that BillFixers cannot currently help you with are medical bills, insurance bills and claims, credit cards, mortgage and rent payments, debt services, legal fees, or car payments.


How BillFixers Works and How Much it Costs

The BillFixers process is super simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for a free account with BillFixers.
  2. You submit the bills you want to have negotiated. You can do this through their internet form, email, mail, or fax.
  3. BillFixers will call up the provider and negotiate for you.
  4. The negotiating process usually takes up to one billing cycle.
  5. You’ll be notified of any savings they find.

BillFixers will not downgrade your service without consent when negotiating.

Of course, this is important. You don’t want to compromise your service coverage for a cheaper rate. That’s the purpose of negotiation after all.In some cases, BillFixers may even score you an upgrade. Now, let’s talk costs.

There’s a no-risk guarantee. If BillFixers doesn’t save you money, you don’t have to pay a dime. If BillFixers does save you money, you split half the savings with BillFixers for the first year. Savings that goes beyond a year is yours entirely.

You can choose to pay their half of the savings each month or all upfront. After reducing your reoccurring bills, BillFixers will ask how you want to pay and will send you an invoice after you make a selection. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check, or bill pay.


Pros and Cons of Using BillFixers

Okay, so you know what BillFixers is all about, let me hit you with the pros and cons. In this case, there’s mostly good here because you really have nothing to lose. The aspect that immediately stood out to me when working with BillFixers on the Comcast bill is the customer service. They’re very responsiveness during this process.

Another pro is there’s a potential to get major savings if you’re sitting on multiple bills. And the cost of the service comes out of the savings you get the first year, not out-of-pocket.

For the one drawback, other reoccurring bills (your insurance specifically) are ones you should be negotiating for savings as well but they are not yet included in this service. However, BillFixers does mention expanding so hopefully this will be included in the future.


The Verdict

Overall, I’m very impressed with the service that BillFixers has to offer.

I wasn’t sure if BillFixers would be able to find me any savings because I had already tried a few times to work out another contract with Comcast.

Of course, if you’re a good negotiator or knowledgeable about the deals and credits, you can do this on your own and keep all of the savings.

But if you’ve hit a brick wall with your bill negotiations or you’d rather avoid the frustrations of the process, it’s definitely worth a try! Check them out here.

BillFixers offered the service complimentary for providing a review of my personal experience, but all opinions are my own

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