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Smart Purchases to Make in Your 20s
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Smart Purchases to Make in Your 20s

smart purchases to make in your 20s

*This post may include affiliate links or sponsored partnerships. We get a commission if you sign up with a partner; this commission is at no cost to you.

*This post may include affiliate links. We get a commission if you sign up with a partner; this commission is at no cost to you.

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2019)

smart purchases to make in 20s

smart purchases to make in your 20s

smart purchases to make in your 20s
smart purchases to make in your 20s

smart purchases to make in your 20s

Want to invest in something smart? You’re in the right place. Instead of buying a bunch of useless stuff in your 20s, there are better purchases that you can make. Here are a few of them.

Reliable Transportation

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an older car. But a car with major issues, gas guzzling tendencies, and the ability to leave you stranded on the side of the road isn’t a smart investment.

However, a car with great gas mileage, little to no mechanical issues, and that will last you a long time can help tremendously in your 20s. Not only will it get you from point A to point B, but reliable transportation can keep you from spending money unnecessarily.

A Nice Mattress

You spend almost a third of every day on a mattress. Why not take care of your body and health by getting the best sleep you can? A lumpy and uncomfortable mattress can mean sleepless nights, or worse, back problems and insomnia.

Now, this isn’t to say that your mattress has to be expensive. Many mattress companies (such as Casper) have come out with affordable and high-quality mattresses.

A Great Go-To Outfit

Do you have an outfit that you can wear to an interview, presentation, or even to an outing? If not, it’s a great investment to make right now. A little black dress with a nice blazer can never fail you and can go from day to night based on shoes and accessories.

Feeling pants? Grab an updated (and tailored to fit you well) pantsuit. You can always change out the tops and even blazers if need be.


Sometimes, the smartest investments aren’t things. They’re experiences. Invest in a plane ticket and travel. Purchase a new course and learn something new. Spend money on a career or life coach. Experience things and spend your money learning and growing, especially while you’re young.

The things you want to experience should be about you and growing as a person. Investing in experiences isn’t worth it if you’re just doing it because you have to or if you’re giving in to peer pressure (like an expensive spring break type vacation). Invest in what you want and enjoy it while learning.

Debt Freedom

No one wants to be older and established but still trying to pay off debt. While it may seem like a sacrifice to pay off debt in your 20s, it can set the tone for your entire life.

Imagine all that you can do if you aren’t worried about paying off debt for half of your life. What could you do if you paid it off in your 20s? You could invest, retire early, have emergency funds, start a family without debt, and a ton of other options.

Creating a budget is key! It’s how you keep track of where your money is going. If you’re not great at budgeting, this is the best budget to get you started.

There are so many smart purchases you can make with your money as you get older, but in your 20s, it should be about setting your future self up for success and enjoying your young years.

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