The 7-Step Social Media Cleanse (to Be More Productive and Self-Focused)

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Social media is a blessing and a curse.

It connects us with long-lost relatives and friends.

But, it also gives us constant access to:

  • Hundreds of Jones’s displaying their life highlights
  • Social media “personalities” that don’t seem to have any type of real job
  • Various advertisements

We get a very brief peak into the lives of others or the life that people want us to see.

This small glimpse can influence you to buy things you don’t really need and do things you don’t really want to do because it seems like others are living “the life” doing it.

The distraction can make you lose sight of your own purpose and strengths. And social media can be one big fat spending trigger.

Why am I talking about this?

On Tay Talks Money, we talk about finding ways to save money to do things in life that you want.

The questions are: 

What do you want to do?

What are you so passionate about that you’re willing to make extreme cuts to your budget to achieve?

Answering these questions will take personal reflection and social media can be a huge distraction from looking within.

I try intentionally to limit my social media intake.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

But, I do it because I can recognize that one of my weaknesses is being impressionable.

In the past, I’ve unintentionally made changes to my career and personal goals based on my timeline.

This isn’t super fun to admit because, quite frankly, it’s sad as hell. 

And I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

We have one life.

Me + you.

So, we need to make sure we’re always pursuing our ideal whatever that ideal is.

Here are 7 steps to cleaning up your social media life.


1. Turn off all social media notifications.

There’s no need to get an alert every time someone interacts with you on social media or a new piece of “news” breaks.

Turn off the notifications on each of your social media accounts so they don’t pop up on your phone and entice you to click open the app.

2. Unfollow/unfriend people that annoy you.

You know those people on your timeline that you want to see a lot less of, but you feel obligated to continue following them. Yea, don’t ever feel obligated.

If you’re on Facebook, you can unfollow or see less of someone without unfriending. Learn how here. But, you will have to go the extra step and unfollow people on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest entirely if you don’t want to see their stuff.

If anyone gets mad that you unfollowed them, give them a link to this post. I’m not afraid to be the scapegoat.

3. Leave uninspiring/gossipy/show-offy Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are also a “thing.” If you’re in a Facebook group with other members who are killin’ your vibe, unfollow or leave the group.

4. Unfollow conversations that disturb your peace.

Unfollow or untag yourself from post threads that get under your skin. This means no more arguing with people about politics or having family disagreements that should really be taken offline.

Wouldn’t your world be a much better place without these conversations?

5. Minimize social media to 20 minutes per day.

When you unfollow people and conversations, you’ll probably find out there’s much less to look at on your social media accounts. This is good news.

Limit your social media intake to a certain amount of time per day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 20 minutes. Just a small amount of time that doesn’t take up a whole portion of your day.

6. Untag/delete embarrassing photos of yourself.

Now, it’s time to clean up your social media presence. Go through your accounts and remove photos and posts that no longer exemplify what you’re about.

The red cup college photos could be a good place to start. But, I like to keep a few of mine up for character. 🙂

7. Remember social media isn’t reality.

Lastly, forever and always remember that social media isn’t real life.

Don’t feel bad about yourself or feel like you don’t measure up to what you see on your feeds.

We’re all unique and we’ve all gone through struggles to get where we are. Understandably, we don’t want to be blasting those memories online.

Do you have any cleanse steps to add to this list? Share below!


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Taylor K. Gordon is a writer and money blogger. She writes on how to live your best life without going broke.

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  1. Reply Lisa January 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I love this! Steps 1-4 done, will need to work on 5-7!

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