30 Ways to Relieve Stress

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A few weeks ago, I reached out to the TTM community asking for some pointers on how to deal with stress.

I figure it’s good to pass off the mic every so often.

Especially since the last few weeks I’ve been dealing with some anxiety myself and took a little break from blizz-ogging (a.k.a. blogging in cool speak).

I sooooo appreciate reader insight on this topic. Thank you for those who chimed in :).

Here are 30 tips curated from some awesome people:

30 Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Listen to calming music like Spanish guitar music on YouTube. — MM

2. Crochet or do anything repetitive to keep the mind off what has you stressed. — MM

3. Journal or do some self-reflection against a devotional. — MM

4. Window shop and then return the items at the end of the week (you get the satisfaction of buying something, but without breaking the bank.) — MM

5. Shift focus unto what matters most; for example, if you have kids, take them out on an adventure and immerse yourself in that experience. — MM

6. Have fun — do something out of the ordinary like ice skating, bungee jumping, go-kart racing, bowling, indoor sky diving, etc. — MM

7. Try ASMR which can be relaxing; type ASMR in YouTube to find many videos of sounds that sooth the mind. — MM

8. Read topics [blog posts/books] about happiness and handling tough situations and decision. — MM

9. Treat yourself to a spa day including eyebrow waxing and a pedi or mani. — MM

10. Indulge in a sweet treat like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel or ice cream. — MM

11. Buy a magazine and browse through the articles. — MM

12. Try “stress breathing”.

  • Breathe in through the nose to the count of four, and hold that breath to the count of four.  
  • Breathe out through the mouth to the count of four, and hold that for the count of four.
  • Do this slowly and as many times as needed.

This helps drop anxiety levels and keeps blood pressure down. — MPH

13. Walk and pray. The walking provides tremendous physical release, being outside transforms perspective, and praying quiets racing thoughts. — MPH

14. Drink Magnesium (Natural Calm), and replace all water with Yogi Stress Relief Honey Lavender tea. — C

15. Go for a run or do yoga. — C

16. Meditate on a regular basis.  — C

17. Mint tea is great, very relaxing, and has good tummy support. — SP

18. Use essential oils. Just inhaling them will alter your mood and stress/cortisol levels. Wild Orange is both calming and invigorating. Or Lime. Or Grapefruit. Citrus oils can stop your mind from ruminating. — SP

19. I spend time in prayer and God’s Word and trust that things work out in His timing and for my good and His glory, as it is promised in the Bible.  — HP

20. Spend a few minutes looking at the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” Archives from NASA. These are extraordinary photos of the universe. These pictures are so remarkable, and make our worries and anxieties seem not as important anymore. Here is the website: — BS

21. When stress is high, or you are just feeling blue, read The Blue Day Book: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up by Bradley Trevor Greive. This book will make anybody feel better, guaranteed. It is a picture book with sayings, a classic, and very short. — BS

22. Think of your favorite place in the world that you have been to. Perhaps Australia, California, Florida, Paris, Hong Kong, Venice, at a beach, swimming with dolphins, an African safari, or on a yacht. 

  • Close your eyes, and travel there in your mind.
  • Keeping your eyes shut, imagine what you see. Look at the details. Take in the scenery.
  • Listen to the sounds.
  • How do you feel? Imagine the feel of the breeze, or the sun, or whatever it is depending on where you are in your mind.
  • Now that you are in your favorite place, and experiencing the joy that you would feel to be there, enjoy, and stay a while. At least 3-5 minutes. More if you like.

When you return to the here and now, feel the peace and calm. — BS

23. Try to calm down your mind with deep breaths and think about matters on an evening walk. — SA

24. Make a cup of tea or eat something sweet. — SA

25. Remember that whatever [is going on] there’s probably someone else somewhere without food to eat or a roof over the head. — LL

26. When I’m stressed, I try to clear my mind by taking my dog for a walk or doing arts & crafts. — KB

27. Go to the park. Sit on the grass, look at the nature, admire everything, and realize that there are a lot of things to be grateful for. — A

28. Call the first person that comes into mind and ask if they can hang out. Talk to them about random stuff that’s not linked to the stress source. — A

29. Repeat stress affirmations — Me!

30. Take a long, warm bath — Me!

Any more stress relief tips to add to this list?

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    Terrific List! Absolutely love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Reply Taylor May 12, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      Thanks for sending in a response! If you want a link to your site or social profile, let me know!

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