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43 Relaxing Things to When You’re Stuck at Home
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43 Relaxing Things to When You’re Stuck at Home

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(Last Updated On: May 5, 2020)

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Woooooweee—stuff is going down (basement). Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but I digress. We’re in an age where many of us are trying to figure out what to do with our time (other than obsessively watching the news). There are only so many naps you can take and only so many times you can refresh your Twitter feed hoping to see positive news.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve put myself on a “low news” diet to keep myself sane. Instead, I’m trying to do relaxing activities to take my mind off the fact that my IRA is looking sad and that summer may be canceled.

Anyhoo… I love lists. Listing stuff gives my mind something to do so here are 43 relaxing things to do to pass the time. Enjoy!

43 Fun & Relaxing Things to Do During Self-Isolation

1. Meditate. Nuff said. Smiling Mind and Stop, Breath, and Think are examples of free meditation apps.

2. Give yourself an at-home spa treatment. Pull out your foot spa, nail tools, polish and champagne.

3. Do a puzzle. There may be one or two in the back of your closet. If not, try some mind puzzles to pass the time.

4. Walk outside with your dog, partner or by yourself. That’s as long as you stay a safe distance from other people. Stay in your bubble, my friend.

5. Do free online workouts. Those are how I lost 20 pounds a few years ago, and how I’m trying to lose my baby weight :D. Workouts can help you relieve stress and anxiety. We’re all very tense right now and working out can help you burn some energy.

6. Take a free online course. Ivy League universities and other schools are now offering a lot of completely free courses. Some are available on Coursera.

7. Deep clean your house. Spring is almost here so you can spring clean early. Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to help you tackle the job.

8. Try meal prepping. I’ve tried meal prepping before and time always gets the better of me. But now… you and I have nothing but time. These meal prepping containers are the business.

9. Cook something new with the ingredients you have in the pantry and fridge. The lockdown is causing us to have to get creative! If you don’t have the right ingredients for a recipe, try Insacart. They can do grocery delivery!

10. Organize your email. You’re probably getting A MILLION emails about the virus. I feel how you feel—they’re totally annoying. Take this time to unsubscribe to newsletter emails that are driving you insane.

11. Turn on calming music and switch on the diffuser. Putting essential oils in a diffuser can make for a calming experience.

12. Do something new to your hair. Picture this: You come out of this episode of social distancing with an entirely new look. I mean, how lit would that be? Long hair before and then stuntin’ with the short hair after.

13. Watch a yoga video. YouTube is an awesome place to find free yoga videos.

14. Lay in bed with no distraction. None. Do you force yourself to stay busy all the time? Take a load off and don’t bring your phone into the bed. Just sleep.

15. Phone a friend or relative. You can’t leave and they can’t leave so why not hop on the phone and talk for a few hours. It can satisfy your need to be social.

16. Host a virtual party. With websites like Zoom you can host a meeting. Call up a bunch of friends at 5 o’clock, pour up some dranks and have fun.

17. Take a bubble bath, if you have bubbles. If not, soak in some warm water.

18. Make a smoothie. Eating relatively healthy is likely a must when you’re stuck at home. Take it from someone who’s worked at home for the last six years. Less movement means that love handles can appear out of nowhere. Make a healthy, tasty smoothie for fitness and to get your daily dose of veggies.

19. Rearrange your furniture. Change is good.

20. Accept a massage. You’ll need someone to help you with this one. If you’re social distancing with a buddy, trade massages. If you’re alone, my husband got this AWESOME massager and it’s the truth.

21. Play cards. A few people at home? Break out the cards and play some spades (or whatever game you’re into).

22. Play board games. Monopoly may not be relaxing. But you could breakout Connect Four — something short and sweet.

23. Visit museums online. There are museums you can visit virtually. Check out a few here.

24. Watch a feel-good documentary on YouTube. There are a bunch of FREE ones on YouTube. I’ve been watching the Real Stories channel on YouTube. Some documentaries are warm and fuzzy while others… not so much. But there’s a good selection.

25. Read a trashy book. Whatever your definition of a trashy book is. Yes, you could read productive books about goal-setting and taking over the world. But now’s not the time for that stuff. Now’s the time to give your brain a rest. Try an erotica. Try chic lit.

26. Print out coloring pages. Adult coloring pages anyone? There are tons of free coloring pages online to choose from. Break out crayons, colored pencils or whatever you have in your drawer and get to work.

27. Write in a journal. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and you may be able to benefit by putting some of your thoughts on paper.

28. Do a crossword puzzle. Some newspaper websites have free crosswords online if you don’t have a crossword book.

29. Watch a virtual concert. Festivals and concerts are getting canceled left and right, but not to worry. Some artists are putting on virtual concerts so you may be able to catch a vibe over the internets. NPR has a list of concerts.

30. Do a Pinterest project. Idk about you but arts and crafts are relaxing to me. Get a little creative and try putting together a Pinterest project.

31. Plant some vegetables. We’ll be spending so much time in the house that you may get a chance to watch the plants grow. I kid, I kid. (But no, actually this could happen.) You probably don’t have seeds laying around the house, but you may be able to use seeds from your fruits and vegetables to plant new ones. Here’s a video on how to do it. Or you can order seeds to start your veggie garden!

32. Draw. Don’t need a lot of tools for this one. Put a prop on the table and start doodling.

33. Play video games. Now could be a good time to play the Sims. Why? You can play God and control your universe at a time when it feels we have no control over anything.

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34. Write a poem. Maybe a haiku?

35. Write a song. Never tried songwriting? Try giving it a whirl.

36. Lay outside. The weather is getting warmer in some parts of the world. Take out a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy mother nature—away from other people, of course.

37. Listen to new releases. Artists are constantly putting out music in the streaming era. Look for new music or new releases. Surf Pandora, SoundCloud and Apple Music to discover new music.

38. Bake something sweet. Straightforward here.

39. Have a glass of wine. You deserve it.

40. Make plans. I know for some this may be stressful, but for the anxious people… it’s relaxing. Planning something to do next week, month or year can remind you that this too shall pass.

41. Blast music and have a singalong. 

42. Have a poker night. With your immediate family, of course.

43. Cuddle with your pet. Because they have the purest love to offer in a time like this.


Anything to add to this list? Add below!


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