BEAT BROKE.Beat-broke


No more living paycheck-to-paycheck and not having enough money left over for things that make you happy.

The Beat Broke Workbook will teach you how to create a simple zero-sum budget plan so you can save money, pay off debt, and be financially free to pursue the life you want.

The Goods

The 50+ page Beat Broke Workbook includes steps for setting up a zero-sum budget with zero-sum budget templates. This workbook will also help you address your spending triggers so you can cut costs.

It’s broken down into three parts:

+ The Mental Stuff – a discussion about the mindset you must have to budget successfully.

+ The Meat & Potatoes – step-by-step for creating your zero-sum budget.

+ Extra Worksheets – where you’ll write stuff

This workbook is perfect for:

  • Budgeting beginners
  • Someone who wants to gain more control of their spending so they can save for big things like exploring a hobby, traveling, starting a business, etc.
  • Someone who’s tried creating a budget before using money management websites or apps without success

What this workbook does not have…

  • Flashy shortcuts, or
  • Magic tricks, or
  • Potions

Because this is a “get-rich-quick scheme” free zone. Because doves aren’t my thang. And I’m not Hermione Granger (unfortunately).

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and to make some spending sacrifices for this plan to help you save big and repay huge amounts of debt.

That could mean getting a side hustle and cutting out small instant gratification stuff from your budget initially, so you can later afford big long-term gratification stuff.

Because the sacrifices now are going to cut your ball and chain so you can stop playing it safe.

If you are ready, let’s get down to business.